Better living for those you love.

We Have a Passion for Transforming Lives

For over 10 years, we've put people at the heart of everything we do. 

And because we value the individuals we serve above all else, our care looks a little different. Whether that means accompanying a client for a day of fishing or attending a night at the opera, we do whatever it takes to make our clients feel engaged and uniquely like themselves, while providing specialized care by trained and engaged caregivers.

We provide care for people with complex or difficult needs and are always challenging our staff to care for our clients with loving compassion and respect for each person’s unique needs and individual preferences.

We Give People Their Lives Back

When a person begins to need assistance to safely and comfortably continue to live on their own, it can take a toll on both the individual and the family that cares most for them. Serenity Home Care can lighten the load for everyone and provide needed in-home care so that time with family can be enjoyable again.

Happy senior woman and caregiver walking outdoors

Why Choose Serenity?

For our care team, it's not merely enough to provide care services; our goal is to make a difference in the lives of each client and their families, no matter what it takes. We listen to you and make a plan for care based on your unique needs.

Caregiver serving a client a healthy meal

Home Care Services

Wherever you call home, we provide care. We offer a wide range of services, for just a few hours per week, overnight, around-the-clock care, or anything in between. Our trusted caregivers strive to provide clients with comfort, honour and respect in all of the services we provide.

Portrait of young nurse with senior patient in nursing home

Dementia Care Services

Alzheimer's disease and dementia are challenging for everyone involved. Our specially-trained dementia caregivers help relieve some of the pressure that families are put under after a diagnosis by helping to manage difficult behaviours and offering practical support.

Elderly Man sitting down with his dog

Frequently Asked Questions

You most likely have many questions as you consider in-home care for a loved one. We have compiled the most frequently asked questions all in one location to help you make an informed decision.

Love It Guarantee

We’re not satisfied until we know that we’ve gone above and beyond your care expectations and have made a positive impact in the life of an aging loved one. We do this by listening to your needs and responding genuinely and from the heart, always with openness and the flexibility to customize care services.

If you didn’t love the care you’ve received, we encourage you to share your experiences with us so we can work together to make things right for you and your loved ones; it’s what we like to call our Love It Guarantee.

grandfather teaching grandson how to fish on a lake

Our Satisfied Clients Say It Best

Happy senior couple standing out by the water

When you are looking for in-home care for a loved one, what better way to learn than to hear from other families who've walked a similar path?

We’re always delighted to receive feedback from our clients and their families that share stories of the positive ways we’ve transformed the lives of senior adults with customized in-home care in Victoria, Oak Bay, Langford, Sidney, Saanich, and throughout Greater Victoria.

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