Is It Time to Downsize?

If you have been living in your family home since the kids were with you, chances are you have accumulated a lot of ‘life’ and the possessions that go with it. You may have discovered this as a problem when it gets harder and harder to find space for a new photo, souvenir, gadget, etc., but when mobility issues become a concern, a well-lived in house can suddenly present some hazards.

If you or your loved one is having difficulty with mobility, hazards such as throw rugs, low tables, or heavy objects that may fall will need reevaluation. If mobility issues progress to requiring a walking aid, moving furniture or even small renovations may be called for.

Where to start?

Professional organisers deal with a broad range of clients, including seniors who need to downsize their living space. Helping you sort through what you need and don’t need, as well as improving the safety of your home, can be better left to a professional in many cases. The primary stage will often involve culling excess objects in your house to decrease the clutter. Improving safety by removing hazards, adding handrails, and clearing walking space, will take careful planning. If renovations are required, this may be a longer process necessitating a temporary move out.

What are the advantages of downsizing?

Decreasing the clutter in our lives is proven to decrease the stress in our lives. Having too many objects to care for and clean can be more of a task than a senior is capable of. Having a house that is more easily managed into old age is an overwhelming advantage.

If moving into a smaller apartment, or assisted living facility, is in the future, than starting to sort through possessions now will help make moving much easier. Moving can be an overwhelming task for any family, and by living with fewer ‘things’ you can simplify this day immensely.

Start by calling your family and friends, and asking them if there are any things that they need. Chances are you know someone who is looking for new things for their house which you no longer use, or need to get rid of to clear space for a walking aid.

If you are renovating to improve safety, read this post on creating a safe and comfortable washroom.

It is time to downsize.

If you are ready to begin downsizing, or even moving to a smaller home, try contacting a few local professional organisers to find one that suits you best. This person will be working in your home, so it is important that you have the same ideas about how your living space should look. They can help you with simply removing clutter, or rearranging your home, or even assist in moving to a smaller space.