Getting Support: Counseling

Counseling services can have a positive effect in the lives of anyone, at any stage in life. Dealing with changes is one of the most common reasons for visiting a counseling service. As seniors age and their life changes, it can be very difficult to cope with a loss of ability, or even a medical diagnosis that will change their life permanently. But they don’t have to cope alone, and a caregiver does not have to carry the emotional burden – there are counseling services available, and many counselors specializing in geriatric issues.

Who is a candidate for counseling?

If dealing with new changes is causing emotional distress, you can benefit from counseling. If you have questions about your road ahead, you can benefit from counseling. If you feel scared, nervous, anxious, or depressed about anything, you can benefit from counseling.

How can counseling help me?

Counselors can be effective in a variety of situations. If a patient feels lost or emotionally overwhelmed, a counselor can aid to clear the path and guide them through the changes in their life. Helping to deal with emotions that are impacting the day-to-day life is often one of the greatest benefits. Sometimes, just having a ‘stranger’ to talk to can make the patient feel more comfortable and admit to issues they don’t want to raise with family or friends.

How do I get a counselor?

If you are looking for a counselor, try your local listings and be specific when you call to make the appointment, asking lots of questions to ensure that this clinic is geared towards your needs. Many counselors specialise, and you want to feel comfortable in the place that you visit in order to get the most out of it.

Counseling is often covered in health insurance policies, so be sure to check yours to see if you qualify.