Memory Loss Prevention Tips

As we age, memory becomes a concern for all of us. Many older adults worry about reaching the point where it becomes difficult to remember conversations, daily tasks, people, and dates. The good news is, memory loss isn’t entirely out of our control. Just like we focus energy on our physical health, we can take an active role in our mental health to retain our brain power longer. Here are five tips that everyone can follow to prevent memory loss:

  1. Exercise your brain
    We know that regular exercise is absolutely vital for our bodies, but what about our brains? Doing brain exercises regularly can help keep the brain active. Once you are no longer working each day, it becomes necessary to schedule time for mental exercises. These could include ‘mental’ games (puzzles, etc.), reading, practicing a second language, or even joining a class that is of interest.
  2. Socialize
    Staying social helps your health in many ways, especially mentally. The biggest bonus: preventing stress and depression, which can lead to memory loss. See last week’s post on how staying socially active helps your health.
  3. Exercise your body
    Daily exercise is equipped with endless benefits. Because exercise aids blood flow in your body, including to your brain, it also prevents memory loss. For an added boost, try workouts that focus on balance.
  4. Get organised
    A cluttered home can cause a cluttered mind. You are far more likely to forget where you left your keys if there is no easy place to find them. Clearing the clutter out of your home and getting organised for good will help your brain out.
  5. Eat right
    Your brain uses approximately 20% of the calories you consume. A healthy diet that includes all the nutrition that is necessary for proper health will promote brain health. The formula is simple – you are what you eat!