Causes of Falls

Amongst the greatest concerns to senior health is falling. Falls are the number one cause of injury, and even accidental death, to seniors. In Part One of this three-part series, let’s first find out what are the main causes of falls.

  1. Limited range of motion due to illness, or prior injury.
  2. Hazards in the house. This can especially happen in the event of an independent senior with limited mobility; hazards can start to accumulate around the house. Common tripping hazards include lose carpets, cords, unstable shelving, and staircases.
  3. Not getting enough exercise can significantly reduce a senior’s ability to balance and control their body. Exercise, even if it’s just walking, is vital to maintaining muscles and coordination.
  4. Side effects from medications can sometimes reduce coordination or cognitive function.
  5. Poor eyesight can often be to blame, or even poor lighting limiting ability to navigate in the house.
  6. Shortly after a surgery is the time when seniors are at a heightened risk of falling, especially if they have been in hospital for some time, and taking medications. Common surgeries such as hip replacements need time to reestablish an ability to walk normally.

Next week we will talk about fall prevention, and in the third post I will share in greater detail how to fall-proof a home.