Preventing Falls

Last week I made a list of the most common causes of falls for seniors. This is important to discuss as falls are the number one cause of injury to seniors, and they are entirely preventable. This week I’m going to list the most effective preventative measures you can take to prevent accidental falls.

  1. Speak with your doctor. The first port-of-call for any health related questions. Keeping up to date with regular check ups is key to knowing the state of your, or your loved one’s, health. Talking about new medications, or rehabilitations from injury or surgery, to ensure that your doctor is keeping in mind mobility and safety.
  2. Reduce hazards at home. A typical family home is not a space that is built for mobility issues. Staircases, rugs, loose cords, heavy objects on high shelves, are all potential hazards. Look around each room and think about what you could remove or add to make it safer. Here are some suggestions:
    -Add handrails where they are missing
    -Reduce clutter, and remove rugs altogether
    -Improve lighting
    Create a safe and comfortable washroom
    -Improve slippery surfaces, including flooring that is waxed and bathroom surfaces
  3. Take physical action! Exercise is the best way to improve balance and increase muscles. A regular exercise routine, even if it’s just walking for now, will be a great aid in preventing falls.