Caring from Afar

When your parents reach a point in their life that they require some extra assistance, the duty of caregiver often falls on the child whom lives closest. Children who do not live geographically near to their parents are generally assumed to be unable to care, but that is often not the case.

The truth is, many sons and daughters of elderly parents live far away and are still bearing the duties of caregiver – all except the physical work.  We hear about grown children who spend significant hours on the phone checking in on their parents, ordering visits to their home of different natures, and receiving updates from medical professionals.

The problem is that these caregivers do not recognize themselves as a primary caregiver, and instead allow themselves to be bogged with guilt over their distance from their parents. Even if you are not physically present every day, you are still a caregiver.

So how can a long distance caregiver know that their parent is being cared for, and put their mind at ease? The good news is that retirement homes are not the sole answer. There are many services available to care for independent seniors who live at home. Finding a caregiver who can suit your elderly parent’s needs is as simple as making a phone call. From seniors who need round-the-clock care, to seniors who live alone and need a companion who can help around the house and spend time with them, a professional caregiver is your best option for keeping your elderly parent out of a retirement home, and keep you in your location where your work and family require you.

If you are finding yourself increasingly emotionally exhausted by your role as long-distance caregiver, consider finding a professional caregiver who suits your family’s needs. You don’t need to feel guilty over your geographic distance – you can do your best from afar, too.