Great Gift Idea for Your Senior Loved One – Tablet Computers

A difficult challenge for seniors with health issues can be adapting to slowing down, and being kept closer to home as a result. Not having the ability to travel to see family and loved ones can be very frustrating, especially with grandchildren and all the excitement of the holidays. An amazing piece of technology that is surprisingly easy to use is the tablet computer (ie iPad). This is a great gift idea for your senior loved one who is adapting to life at home. I realise you might be recalling disastrous sessions trying to teach your senior parent how to use a new piece of technology, but the tablets really are simple to use and far less intimidating than an entire PC. The top tablet uses (list is not exhaustive!) for a senior include:

  • Skype – Being able to see your loved ones’ faces while you chat can bring an immense joy to proud grandparents.
  • Reading – tablets provide their own reading lights, and allow seniors to purchase new books directly onto the tablet.
  • Games – There are loads of popular brain teaser-type games, proven to ward off dementia and memory loss.
  • Radio/News – You can directly download favourite programs and watch/listen anywhere.
  • Email – Assuming your senior loved one uses email!
  • Photos – The screen provides a great mechanism for seeing your photos on a large display. Keep your senior loved one connected by sending photos they can easily save and view on their tablet.

What are your favourite lifestyle gadgets for your senior loved one?



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