New Year’s Resolutions for Caregivers

Another year has come to a close, and so a new one begins.  At this time, we always find ourselves thinking (even if it’s media-induced thought) about what we want to see change in our lives in the year ahead. This is the time the gyms flood, dating sites see huge spikes, career changes are contemplated, and we clear the clutter in our homes.

Those steps are relatively easy, because everyone else is probably doing them. But why not go a little bit further, and take a serious look at what you really need in your life – beyond January. What was difficult this past year? What could change (that’s within your power to change)? Here are four New Year’s resolutions that should be on every caregiver’s list:

  1. I will ask for help. Maybe you just need to start small, and ask a neighbour for a small favour; or maybe you’re ready for a professional caregiver to help you.
  2. I will make my own health a priority. Caregivers – who look after another’s health daily – often neglect their own health. Don’t forget that you can’t perform your best unless your body is at its best. How can you adjust your lifestyle to incorporate more healthy habits?
  3. I will be kind to myself. Asking for help, hiring a caregiver, or moving a loved one to assisted living does not make you a failure. You make the best choices for your loved ones, and you shouldn’t punish yourself. Remind yourself daily that you love and are loved – you are a good person!
  4. I will be realistic. We live in a culture where it is expected to ‘do it all’. Caring for children, a spouse, parents, a career, your own health, a social life – it is all quite a lot on its own, but if you’re juggling all of the above, some balls are going to drop. Be real with yourself. Do enough – not too much!

From Serenity Homecare, have a safe and happy new year!