Preventing Memory Loss: Exercise

Last week, I posted on how to prevent memory loss with good nutrition. But as I’m sure you guessed, preventing memory loss requires a holistic approach to health. We often think of exercise as having a host of physical advantages – that should be enough to get us to the gym – but did you know that exercise is also great for your brain, and in particular, your memory?

Exercise aids in preventing memory loss in a number of ways. First, exercise improves blood flow – including blood flow to the brain. In addition to strong lungs, your brain functions much better and therefore stays strong into old age.

Regular exercise also supports a healthy immune system. Many other health problems – cognitive or otherwise – contribute to memory loss. Because many cases of dementia only develop after an infection of some sort, preventing other health problems is key to protecting your memory. By maintaining a strong immune system and a strong body, you can prevent any harmful diseases affecting brain function as you age.

Next week, I’ll share other lifestyle factors that we can all control to prevent memory loss as we age.