Is Your Family at Risk?

As caregivers, we typically meet families who have a loved one with a health condition that requires assistance in daily living. These health conditions can come in a variety of forms, and require a variety of caregiving set-ups. Some health conditions are hereditary, chronic, or acute. But in every case, we meet the families once health has become an issue, and caregiving has become a necessity. We never get to meet our clients earlier in life, and promote preventative measures so they can maintain good health and independent living into old age.

Is your family focused on prevention?

It is never too early or too late to start focusing on prevention of a whole range of health conditions. Especially if you have a family history, you should be focusing on that particular condition. Otherwise, staying fit and healthy is the best thing you can start doing now to ensure that your family will not need to care for you later in life.

Are you at risk?

If anyone in your family prone to preventable illnesses? Do you all:

  • Eat healthy?
  • Maintain a regular weight?
  • Receive regular check-ups from your doctor?
  • Remain mentally and physically active?

While many lifestyle factors may not seem like a big deal now, try to look ahead into your senior years, and ask if your current lifestyle is setting you up for good health into old age.