Best Places for Seniors to Live Around the World (Guest Post)

Most people planning for retirement aren’t considering moving from their comfortable home. After all, they’ve invested years of hard work, time, and money, and formed many happy memories in their home. However, some retirees (or soon-to-be retirees) take this opportunity to start over again, in a new location—maybe a place they’ve dreamt about for years or possibly even a place they’ve never considered before. With a solid nest egg, wanderlust, ample time and good health, modern senior citizens are uprooting from their family home and relocating to new city or country to explore what life has to offer them there.

Here’s a short list of the best places for seniors to move to in search of a new life.

Vancouver Island. Considered Canada’s top retirement destination, there are plenty of living options for seniors. Dotted with retirement communities and home care options, Vancouver Island is a senior-friendly community. Whether you are a healthy, active senior citizen looking for an equally active retirement community, or looking to purchase some property and find solid in-home care, Vancouver Island will be able to provide the level of care and service you need. The temperature is also moderate, which is good for those who are sensitive to major temperature fluctuations.

Los Angeles. The city of eternal youth (by way of plastic surgeons and aestheticians) may not, at first glance, seem like ideal place to retire. However, with plenty of things to see and do, walkable neighborhoods, and a thriving arts and culture scene, an active senior citizen might actually feel like the hands of time are moving backwards by relocating to sunny Los Angeles. LA also has many senior home care companies and retirement communities from which to choose, and boasts some of the best doctors (of any specialty) in the nation. Public transportation is improving, and there are plenty of other senior citizens with whom to socialize.

Clearwater. It’s not surprising that a city in Florida would make it onto the list of best places to retire. However, Clearwater beats out the ever-popular Miami due to its low cost of living and above-average air quality. A retiree could buy a house for under $200,000 (median home price is around $139,000). Clearwater also has lots of doctors to cater to medical needs and health concerns. And the balmy, warm weather that envelops most of Florida can be found in Clearwater, improving aching joints.

Cuenca. Never heard of it? Well many other retirees have, and have flocked to this city in Ecuador. This little town sits at 8,000 feet in the mountains, with four rivers surrounding it, is particularly friendly with ex-pats. There is plenty to see for both nature-lovers and architecture aficionados. The low cost of living means your retirement fund can stretch further and afford more amenities, properties and care than in the United States.

Lucca. Italy is a food, art and culture lover’s dream come true. Situated in gorgeous Tuscany, this charming little town is already a popular retirement spot for various European ex-pats—you’ll probably meet Brits, French, and Germans in this tiny and ancient “city.”  Inexpensive and packed with things to do, you can spend your time strolling in squares, perusing shops, sitting in cafes and restaurants. The quality and pace of life are consistent with most of Italy—high and slow(er). And did we mention the food? It’s worth mentioning again—Italians take pride in their cuisine and this town is no exception.

Retirement can be a period of relaxation and respite—but that doesn’t necessarily mean standing still. Relocating to another city or country can be invigorating and a dream come true. These cities are just the tip of the iceberg—go out and find your ideal retirement city.

Virginia Cunningham is a freelance writer from Los Angeles who has contributed to a number of health and beauty sites. She has also traveled all over the world with her family and looks forward  to the day when she can finally retire on a sunny Caribbean island!



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