Tablets for Seniors With Dementia

Seniors with dementia often struggle with technology. Electronics can be confusing, which leads to frustration that can cause distress and outbursts. Many caregivers, spouses, children etc, often avoid technology in the household for this reason. Tablets, however, seem to be positively received by seniors with dementia. I have come across a lot of online reviews and blogs singing the praises of tablet computers. Here are the top reasons why they’re great:

  • The design is very simple. There is no overwhelm of buttons, screens, wires, etc. Just a simple rectangle.
  • It can do everything. Think of how many devices you can replace with a tablet that has (to name only a few): video, ebooks, games, photos, email, music….
  • There are a few memory apps on the market specifically for users with dementia.
  • They can be easily carried around. With the use of memory apps and photo albums, there seems to be a good advantage to using a tablet to stimulate memory – so being able to always have it when visiting people, for example, is a good tool.
  • The software is friendly. You can spend a small amount of time downloading some apps for your senior loved one, and then they’re good to go.

Have you had any experience with a tablet for someone with dementia? We’re interested to hear your results and favourite apps!


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