Being the Sandwich Generation

‘Sandwich Generation’ is a relatively new term, coined to describe adults who are sandwiched between caring for aging parents, and caring for their own children. With people living longer now, the baby boomer generation is experiencing this unique situation of balancing full time jobs as well as family caregiving roles for both senior loved ones and children of their own.

The sandwich can also be referred to as the ‘squeeze’ – because sandwich generation-ers often feel very squeezed between the duties they owe to their families on each side; in addition to full-time careers.

Living in the sandwich can be difficult. Just because it is feels like the ‘norm’, doesn’t make it any easier and doesn’t mean that you should take everything on by yourself. Taking respite time is also important – having a vacation, taking time off your (over)filled-plate of duties, and doing things just for yourself are in the best interest of your entire family. If you’re not healthy – you can’t care for them as well as you would like.

Are you part of the sandwich generation? What do you do to ease the squeeze?