Reduce Stress – For Seniors

Looking ahead at your future in retirement, you imagine all the stresses of your life melting away as you relax and enjoy your golden years. It might be disappointing, then, to learn that many seniors do experience stress. Although the sources may now be different than earlier in life, seniors are still susceptible to stress, including financial, family, health, emotional, and other stresses that can be more difficult to cope with as we age. Here are some tips that any senior can make part of their routine to prevent and reduce stress:

  1. Walk it off
    Daily moderate exercise and getting outside can have a significant impact on reducing stress levels. Just 30 minutes a day of walking outside can change your whole perspective.
  2. Man’s Best Friend
    Having a pet as a companion can do wonders for your overall happiness. A dog can also help you achieve the first item on this list, too!
  3. Sing a song
    Singing has been proven to promote happy endorphins that keep us on a positive level. Sing in the shower, in the car, or really go for it and join a local choir.
  4. Pamper sesh
    Treat yourself to a spa treatment. Massages can do more than just relax muscles – the human touch can have a great effect on improving moods.
  5. Discover your creative side
    Getting involved in a craft or project – such as woodworking, knitting, painting, etc. – will engage your right brain and improve your positive cognitive function.
  6. The best medicine
    Laughter really is the best medicine. Watch a funny movie, go to a comedy, and surround yourself with fun-loving friends. Laugh as hard and as often as you possibly can. Laugh every day!