Eldercare and Keeping Elderly Couples Together

When an elderly person’s health begins to decline, it almost always falls to their spouse to care for them. But as their health condition changes, it can become too much for the spouse to cope with. This is an extremely distressing time for most couples as the fear of being separated by a care home situation begins to enter a lifetime spent together.

When one spouse becomes the carer for the other, the relationship changes. The spouse providing care begins to prioritise the needs and comfort of the other, too often to the neglect of themselves. What many families may not realise is that this isn’t the only option for keeping the couple together. An in-home caregiver can provide the needed assistance to the spouse required care, offering respite to the other spouse and ensuring that the pair only need focus on positive time together.

Keeping families together, and seniors staying at home is one of the main benefits of senior homecare. If you or someone you know is concerned about eldercare separating a senior couple, explore the alternative options to care available.