Managing Your Stress and Eldercare

As grown children, a concern that you will most likely face at some point is eldercare for your aging parents. Whether your family selects a care home, in-home assistance, or to care for your parent yourself, seeing your parents enter this stage of life can be quite stressful in a number of ways. It will be emotionally stressful, as the person who once cared for you is no longer able to cope alone. It will be physically stressful as the demands of your already busy life will be increased by supporting your parents. And it will be financially stressful, especially if your family lacked a financial plan for this stage of life.

In order to do the best for your family, you should prepare yourself and manage this stress. After all, you have probably thought about doing the best you can in regards to care, health, finances, security, and quality of life – so why wouldn’t you think about managing the stress that will be associated? It is completely natural – and expected – to be stressed in this period, so be proactive with your ‘Stress Management Plan’.

  • Mind – Take the time to get educated on eldercare and what your parent is going through. It is never to early to start thinking about a therapist or support group that can help guide you through this process emotionally.
  • Body – Sleep. Eat healthy. Exercise. Make it a priority!
  • Soul – Your family is your heart, and your parents have been there from the beginning. Through all of the stress it is sometimes hard to remember to take the time to enjoy each other and cherish the days you spend together.