Making Our Cities Senior-Friendly

Headlines warning that our population is aging have been prompting us for years now to do something. We think about the implications that an aging population has on the job market, particularly in health and caregiving, but we haven’t put too much focus into what it means for our cities and local businesses. How can we make daily life easier and more senior-friendly for older adults? By asking our municipal bodies to make changes; and asking our local business owners to also make changes:

Public areas:

  • Public toilets should be serviced and available
  • Ample public transport options, accessible to the mobility-restricted
  • Handicap access
  • Promote cultural events for seniors to socialise and get about

Local businesses:

  • Provide ample seating in waiting rooms
  • Handicap accessible establishments
  • Offer senior discounts to encourage seniors out of the home
  • Encourage staff to create a ‘senior-friendly’ environment

At Serenity Home Care, we focus each day on making life more senior-friendly for the individuals we serve, with a full range of customized in-home care solutions. Just some of the many ways we can help include:

  • Planning and preparing healthy, delicious meals, according to any prescribed dietary plan
  • Light housekeeping and laundry
  • Running errands, such as picking up groceries and prescriptions
  • Friendly companionship for conversations, games, puzzles, exercise, hobbies, and other engaging activities
  • Personal care and hygiene assistance for safe baths or showers, dressing, walking and transfers, etc.
  • Transportation to medical appointments, fun outings, or wherever a senior would like to go
  • And much more, according to each person’s specific needs and wishes

Contact us to learn more about how our senior services in Victoria, BC and the surrounding areas can help someone you love to enjoy a higher quality of life, safety, and happiness, right in the comfort and familiarity of home. We offer a free in-home consultation; call us today!