Battling Senior Loneliness in Our Cities

One of the hardest problems we see in seniors living at home is not health problems or housekeeping – it is something much easier to fix. Senior loneliness is one of the most common hardships for older adults today. Especially when mobility or health is reduced, seniors tend to get out and about much less, reducing significantly the amount of social contact they benefit from each day.

Loneliness has a host of surprising effects on humans, ranging from depression to physical illness, and is therefore an extremely important problem for us to discuss as the population ages.

In municipalities, the solutions are obvious and generally easy. Community social events, pet-friendliness, and senior discounts at cultural outings to encourage the elderly to attend more public spaces are all proven to be highly effective. And since we know that it works, why aren’t these types of senior-friendly programmes more popular? What can we do to make our cities more senior friendly, and encourage happy seniors to maintain their independence at home while still enjoying a healthy, social lifestyle?

Talk to your community domains – whether it is a recreation centre, cultural centre, church, or other social organisation, put your heads together and think what more you can do to encourage seniors to come out and enjoy life!

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