The Key to Your Happy Retirement

healthy aging monthThis month on social media is Healthy Ageing Month, so a recent study reported on from the Huffington Post is well timed: It researches the key elements to a happy retirement. As it turns out, having good health is the #1 factor in a happy retirement, beating financial stability and a loving family.

So, what does that really mean?

It turns out, seniors report that having maintained good health throughout their life – or, regret in not maintaing good health in younger years – is the main factor in their overall life satisfaction in old age. So, with this being Healthy Ageing Month, how about giving your Older Self the gift of better health, and committing to a health goal that you know you want to achieve “before you get older” (don’t we all say that?).

Quit smoking? Lose weight? Run a 10k? Whatever it is, do it for your Older Self, and your happy retirement!