Signs Your Elderly Neighbour Needs Help

We rely on our community for so much. We rely on them to say a friendly hello in passing, keep the sidewalks clear in winter, and keep our neighbourhood safe. A community has an unwritten responsibility for its members, especially the elderly individuals who may live alone and whose failing health may not be immediately noticed by family and friends living further away.

How would you notice if a senior in your community needed help? Here are some signs to watch for:

  • Unkept lawn. Not being able to keep up with mowing the lawn is an obvious first sign.
  • Or, shovel the driveway. The cold, icey winter is usually the first hazard to a senior with failing health.
  • No longer gardening. Especially for seniors who previously enjoyed gardening each summer, no longer taking to activities that they love is a clear sign.
  • Changes in personal appearance. Not shaving, wearing makeup, keeping up hair, or dishevelled clothes.
  • Apparent confusion. Looking out of place, or wandering, could be the hardest to notice sign. If you aren’t sure, ask.

If you notice someone in your community exhibiting these signs, ask them if they are coping. Your community will thank you.