Is mHealth the Future of Eldercare?

The talk in technology this year has largely been wearables and mHealth, and how they will revolutionise eldercare. Technology in this sector has moved fast, from wearable tech to constantly monitor and individual’s heartrate, to home monitoring to control temperature or security.

Tech-savvy families are beginning to turn to the rapidly growing sector for solutions in their own eldercare situations. An ageing population, dispersed families, and preference for independent living are all spurring tech companies and startups to create viable solutions to the average western family.

At this point in 2014, shipments of wearable technologies for elderly health services have more than doubled that of 2013. Devices include features such as heart rate monitoring, GPS location, activity monitoring, and emergency notifications. Needless to say – we are a long way past “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up”.

But the barriers for senior tech remains the same: Many seniors are less adept at new technology, and some devices are unaffordable to most families.

Still, as the sector becomes increasingly competitive, we are looking forward to new startups emerging that might just turn around eldercare, and keep seniors living independent and healthy for longer.