Sharing Elderly Parent Care Duties With Siblings

Many seniors may have the advantage of having children, who will care for them in the later years of their life as they become less able. For those children, having their siblings to lean on and work together will be the greatest asset they possess in caring for their elderly parent. But sometimes, working with a sibling – especially in trying times – can be difficult.

Learn to Communicate

Set up a system for communication that works for both/all of you. Some siblings see each other regularly, while others may rely on technology to communicate. Whatever the medium is, you need to discuss how your communication is going to work, and make sure it does work.

Divide and Conquer 

We all have different strengths in life. Between your siblings, divide up the tasks that some may be better suited for. Some siblings may have more time or access to a car, so are better suited for taking your parent out, while other siblings may be financially savvy and are better at managing bills. Assign tasks appropriately.

Don’t Let Distance Come Between You

It can be difficult when some siblings live further away. The siblings nearest the parent may feel the entire burden of caring is on them, while the further-out siblings may feel disconnected and isolated. Try to make things even.

Support Each Other

Above all, be there for each other. This is a hard time in your life, and having siblings to help you through it can also make this a beautiful time in your family life. Stay together.