Why Home Care Matters

For many seniors, staying in their own home is very important to maintaining dignity and quality of life. Unfortunately, when routine daily tasks become difficult or impossible to manage alone, this isn’t always possible. Not without home care.

Home care is essentially a service where a caregiver visits someone in their home to provide any non-medical assistance they may require. The advantages are many, but largely that the care is personalised – some individuals may require only a few hours each week to go to appointments and take care of the house, while others at some point will require what is commonly referred to as round-the-clock care. Almost any caregiving service can also adjust the demand – for example, when respite care is required, or the individual has had a health issue and needs a little more support.

This means when you hire in home care, you get a service that fits around your life – and takes the stress away. It is no wonder that home care is the preference for most seniors in Canada, and continues to rise with the expanding availability of services.

Of course, in addition to providing a solution to our ageing population, caregiving is also producing jobs for compassionate individuals. It is fair to say that home care certainly does matter to Canada.