Heading Home for the Holidays

At last, the festive season is upon us. For most of us, the next few days are filled with getting as much work-work done while we are filled with socialising-work on the side. Planning/attending parties, sending gifts, and most importantly, planning travels to be with the people who matter most at the end of the year. For families that have a senior relative with limited ability to travel, this is especially important.

There is no ‘delicate’ way to say it – but with an ailing senior in the family, visiting home for the holidays carries more weight than other years. You go the extra mile, and rally the family to meet you there, so you can all cherish in another year’s worth of memories together.

But festivities with a ‘limited’ senior are not as easy as years we may have known in the past. For one thing, even if they still do occupy the family home, they may not be as equipped to play host. Someone will need to help. Outings and activities may be difficult to impossible, so altering plans or providing extra options will be necessary. Beyond that, if there are health difficulties or mobility issues, this year may be different than years past as they will need to be cared for.

When your life has been filled with holiday memories spent with such an individual, it can be hard to go back for the season when they will not be the same. It can even be heart-breaking, knowing you may never enjoy the ‘same’ holidays as you have in years gone, but you will absolutely not regret spending this time with them while you can. If life permits, spend the holidays together.