Eldercare and Independence

senior independent livingWhen we speak to seniors about what they want, and what is most important in their care, the overwhelming theme is the need for independence. Achieving the balance of providing good care while still supporting independence is a task that the eldercare industry tries to tackle.

Loss of independence is the greatest fear for seniors when coming to the point that they can no longer cope on their own. Moving to an elderly care facility symbolises giving up the home that they built, and the loss of making their own decisions. With many facilities promoting schedules including meal times, social and exercise hours, and even bed times, it’s no wonder that the prospect does not appeal to many seniors.

Even allowing a caregiver into the home for the first time can be a major adjustment. Having someone else cook in your kitchen for the first time is a significant moment for many, and being cared for takes a lot of adapting. But the advantage of bringing a caregiver into the home is of course that ultimately, the seniors gets to stay at home, where they are comfortable, and continue to live with a degree of independence – everything is how they like it, and the schedule adapts to them.