National Caregiver Day: April 7

Today, April 7, is celebrated as National Caregiver Day, so we’d like to share the love for caregivers around the world. Here are 5 things you can do for a caregiver you know to help them out today:

  1. Cheer them on. Caregiving is emotionally difficult, and many family caregivers struggle with the thought that they are never doing enough. Remind someone you know that they’re doing great.
  2. Take them out. If you have a friend who is a caregiver, one of the best things you can do for them is take them out for some relaxation. Even if they can only make time for a coffee or a short walk, the time spent with a friend will be invaluable to them.
  3. Do a nice favour. A caregiver never rests. They spend so much of their time caring for someone else – but who is caring for them? Do something nice for a caregiver you know, and do a small favour. Make them a casserole, watch their kids for a few hours, or even help them with their errands. They’ll be so grateful for the gift of time!
  4. Talk deeply with them. Many caregivers fail to reach out, largely because many family caregivers feel guilt about the difficult emotions they have around caring for a loved one. It can be hard to get someone you know to open up, but it’s important for them to face their feelings and have someone to talk to about it. Try to be that sympathetic ear for them.
  5. Organise some respite care. Respite care is incredibly important. Just like workers who love their jobs need time off to recuperate, a caregiver also needs ‘me time’. Help a caregiver you know to recognise the signs of burnout, and elect for some respite care.