Preparing a Holiday with your Elderly Loved One

senior holidayIt’s that time of year when we start finalising our summer holiday plans to get the best spots. Holidays are a fantastic time for a family, when you all come together and create lasting, happy memories. If a senior loved one in your family has seen a change in their health condition this year, you might need to make some modifications to the plans this year.


The first choice you will need to make is how long on an airplane or in a car (or boat or train) is comfortable. Long flights can be particularly uncomfortable, and airport transfers can be stressful. In addition to selecting a closer destination this year, ensure that flights are direct, book your senior loved one a first-class or first row seat, and arrive at the airport with plenty of extra time to move through security and reach the gates to accept assisted boarding. Many budget airlines or smaller airports will involve a trek across the tarmac, so be sure to notify staff in advance that you require assistance.

Medical considerations

If going abroad, the first considerations you will need to make involve healthcare and insurance. You should ascertain where the nearest hospitals are, and what insurance will cover. Next, speak to your loved one’s GP to ensure that all medications necessary can travel with you, and what risks may be involved. Ensure that all contingencies are taken care of.

Hotel booking

Many hotels cater for senior clientele, but booking optimal rooms may be competitive. Call ahead to ensure that you can book a ground-floor, accessible room for your senior loved one. If there are any mobility issues, check with the hotel that there are no issues, and read their reviews online to find out if any other seniors have shared their experiences of the hotel. If there are any special requirements, such as meals, temperature regulation, or bed-type, make sure the hotel will cater.


Your senior loved one may not be up for the pace of the youngsters, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to be included. Speak to them about holiday planning to ensure that they get the most fun and relaxation out of their trip, while enjoying incredibly valuable family time.

Take into consideration the effect that climate has on the elderly, and be prepared in hot locations with sun umbrellas, water, and air-conditioning.

Extra Care

It may be the case that your senior loved one currently relies on the aid of a caregiver. Some families need to travel with their caregiver, while others may hire a local from the destination. Remember that these are both options, and you may want to enquire before you book so that you know if help is available, if needed.

Bon voyage!