New Study: Learn a Language to Slow Ageing

hand-644145_1280Plenty of research has confirmed that bilingual individuals have greater brain resiliency in older age, but a new study has discovered that even learning a new language as an adult has a positive affect on slowing brain decline.

This research comes as good news, as many individuals come to study second or even third languages later in life, through work, travel, or hobby. The study confirms that no matter how late in life you apply yourself to learning a new language, you reap the benefits of better cognitive function later in life. The research finds no cognitive disadvantage to bilingualism.

Always wanted to learn a second language? Why not make this your year! Language courses are incredibly accessible now, through local colleges or universities, local council or club adult classes, online courses, mail-order DVD courses, or even language exchanges with a native of that language (often found in classified or at meetup groups). There are so many opportunities available now to learn a language, so go on – do it for your health!