Making a Diet Lifestyle Change

We all do things to stay in good health. Regular check ups with the doctor are important to that – where all of our stats and measurements are taken. But sometimes our trusted doctor will turn around and make a big suggestion, a diet lifestyle change.

The term ‘diet’ in itself has gone through some changes. No longer just “eat less”, we are now highly scientific, from diets that cut allergens such as gluten or dairy, diets that are high in protein, low in carbs, excluding sugar, more fruit and veg, full organic… the list goes on and on. Tell anyone that you’re going on a diet, and they will respond by asking “which one?”.

The problem with dieting is sticking to it. This is a universal truth – a diet is an event, not a lifestyle. It is a few weeks or months. It includes ‘cheat days’. It is something we relapse from. So in addition to being unenjoyable, it doesn’t even change anything in the long run.

So how do we get healthier through our food choices if diets don’t work? Lifestyle changes. A diet comes in quickly and tears through your kitchen, throwing out banned items, and disrupting your social life while you avoid events that serve cake for the duration of your diet. Lifestyle changes happen over time, with gradual progressions. Lifestyle changes are more sustainable.

If you want to sustain a healthier lifestyle, start making reasonable changes. Quitting sugar cold-turkey may be too hard for you, but reducing the amount of sugar in your coffee and moving to sugar-free desserts is manageable for now. Ultimately, you’ll progress to eating less and less sugar each week until there is close to none. By making these changes in small, manageable doses, you will condition your body, instead of depriving it, and you’ll be far less likely to relapse.

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