Stay Safe from Heat Stroke this Summer

summer seniorFinally… The summer months are upon us! Longer days and warmer weather encourages families to get out of the house and enjoy patios, long walks, and all that the great outdoors have to offer. Unfortunately, extreme temperature changes can pose a major health hazard to seniors, so it’s important to stay safe from heat stroke.


Staying properly hydrated is a heat essential. Remember to always have water available, but don’t just think about drinking while you’re in the sun. Hydrate all the time – before going out, while outside, and after you get back inside. During the summer, drink more water or juice than normal – you can’t get too much!


Staying in the shade is the best heat stroke defence. Pack an umbrella, wear a large hat, and avoid areas that don’t offer shade. If you are feeling the effects of the heat, get under protection from the sun immediately.

Dress for the weather

Where light fabrics that breathe well. Synthetic materials such as sports clothes are designed for extreme temperatures and regulating sweat and skin temperature. Of course, you don’t have to wear a track suit everywhere – loose, flowing clothes in light colours are always a good idea.

Avoid midday

The hottest temperatures occur in the early afternoon, so it’s best to avoid them. If you plan to be outside for an extended period of time – walking or doing your shopping, for example, try to schedule them as early in the morning as possible.

Be prepared

If you are organising a family outing with your elderly loved ones, be prepared for hot temperatures and the effects of the heat. Have quick and easy access to water and air conditioning, and ensure there is always cover from the sun.