Why Hydration is Important for Seniors

dehydration seniorsMaintaining proper hydration is a core part of living well and healthy. But when it comes to our senior citizens, staying hydrated is slightly more complicated – and often more vital.

Why Hydration is Important

Hydration works to:

  • Eliminate toxins and support immune function
  • Aid digestion and transport of nutrients
  • Assist proper functioning of joints
  • Support cognitive function

Consequences of Dehydration in Seniors include:

  • Increased joint pain due to affects on joint padding
  • Heightened risk of falling or fainting, leading to other injuries
  • Constipation or even malnutrition
  • Fatigue and reduced cognitive function

Reasons Hydration is Complicated for Seniors:

  • Medications may be interfering with ability to stay or feel hydrated
  • Cognitive difficulties may affect an individual’s ability to recognise thirst or get a drink
  • Individuals experiencing incontinence tend to avoid fluid intake intentionally
  • Other medical issues such as diabetes, or even high body fat percentage, decreasing the absorption of water.