5 Reasons to Nap

napThere may be a large misconception in the western world that naps are either lazy, or just for babies. Naps are seen to be taken by those either overworked, or under-enthused, but research suggests that we should all be taking naps – especially the elderly.

Humanity has developed a daily rhythm in which we stick to strict sleeping hours and waking hours, but that is not necessarily how nature intended. While almost all mammals continue to use short sleep intervals, western human culture has almost entirely abandoned it – until recently. In fact, many universities and startups are allowing their young students and employees to nap, in order to encourage their work. Here are 5 reasons why:

  1. Daytime naps improve memory.
  2. People who nap regularly are better at problem solving.
  3. Regular napping is more effective – and healthy – than caffeine intake.
  4. Short naps improve creativity.
  5. Naps put you in a better mood.

It is important to remember that naps are meant to be just that – short, not more than one hour. Seniors are great at knowing what their body needs and taking regular naps, so it is important not to address it with a stigma that napping is ‘bad’. Naps are, in fact, really good for physical and mental health!