Security for Seniors Living Alone

seniors living aloneMost adults want to live independently in their own home for as long as possible – it’s the home they have created family memories in and the place they feel most comfortable. But elderly citizens living alone does raise some security concerns. Here are our top tips for ensuring your senior loved one is safe at home:

  • Get a lockbox: A pin-pad garage entry also works. Some way that your closest friends and family are able to get in the house when you’re not coming to the door for some reason.
  • Meet the neighbourhood: Knowing your neighbours is essential, especially in a place like Canada that suffers harsh weather. People who will keep an eye out for you, offer a ride when you need one, report suspicious activity on your property, or even be the first to notice if you’ve had a fall or accident.
  • Medical alert systems: Technology has come a long way from “help, I’ve fallen”. Look for a medical alert system that is going to work for you, such as a wearable device.
  • Remove hazards: The greatest risk to seniors is actually falling, so scan the house for any tripping hazards, such as rugs or cords. You may want to consider remodelling the bathroom to be more accessible.
  • Organise activities: Having someone arranged to pop in, such as a caregiver companion to take you shopping, or friends who come in for tea, is great, but even regular outings with people who know you is a great way to offer peace of mind. If your choir group knew you were planning to attend today, but you never showed, someone will come to the house to make sure you’re alright.