Eldercare Travel Tips

senior travelTraveling is an important part of life for many adults, and ranges from the excitement of exploring new places, to the joy of visiting family and friends. Just because a senior depends on extra care while at home, doesn’t mean they can’t rely on that same level of support on the road – it just requires some extra planning! Try these eldercare travel tips:

  • Contact travel providers in advance. If you are flying, let the airline know that you require extra assistance. For hotels, always make sure they understand any mobility issues so that they will assign you an appropriate room. If taking a tour, explain to the tour guide any needs.
  • Explain clearly to your senior traveller. It helps a great deal if your senior companion knows what is expected of them. Let them know in advance how long they will be in the car/plane/train for, how frequent washroom breaks will be, as well as snacks and meals. This will help a great deal with their comfort level.
  • Plan ahead. If you are driving any distance, make sure you check your map and know where rest stops will be located, and pack extra supplies if they are infrequent.
  • Be patient. It can be frustrating for seniors to require more assistance than they used to, so it’s important that anyone caring for them be completely patient and help them to stay calm.

If you require assistance with your travel plans, please get in touch with Serenity Home Care, the top provider of home-based independent living in Sidney, BC and surrounding areas, for more eldercare travel tips!