Diabetes Care for Seniors

senior diabetesOlder age groups are a growing problem in type II diabetes diagnoses, and more doctors as well as carers are monitoring senior patients’ diabetes. For seniors, diabetes is a unique disease and requires a flexible approach – so diabetes care for seniors should never be handled in the exact same way, as may be common in care homes.

The first hurdle with seniors’ diabetes is diagnosis. Due to age-related changes, the classic symptoms are often masked, while patients often have other existing or developing health conditions that may cause the diabetes to go unnoticed.

The good news with diabetes is that it can be completely controlled through daily management. The problem that most elderly patients experience with this is that dietary and lifestyle changes are required, and the changes may be unwelcome. Because each diabetic’s plan will differ, it is important for the caregivers involved to create a plan that still incorporates favourite foods and supports an enjoyable lifestyle.

Physical limitations associated with age or disabilities can make diabetes management harder, and so also make elderly care unique. In the case of cognitive impairment such as dementia and Alzheimer’s, imposing changes to dietary and lifestyle management can cause difficulties.

In any case, regular check ups with your doctor are incredibly important to effective diabetes care for seniors. Working with a professional caregiver, like Serenity Home Care, the top provider of home care assistance in Victoria and nearby areas, can ensure a comfortable transition into at-home management. Contact us to learn more about how we can help!