Christmas Gift Ideas for Seniors

senior christmas giftWith Christmas just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about gifts for our loved ones this year – especially the ones that need to make it to the post office in order to be under their tree on time! We know that finding gift ideas and inspiration can be the hardest part, so we’ve rounded up some great gift ideas for the senior loved one in your life:

Gifts for the home:

  • High budget: Coffee machine – home brewers that use pods are particularly easy to use and maintain.
  • Mid-range: Specialty chocolates – everybody loves chocolates!
  • Low budget: Framed family photograph.

Entertaining gifts:

  • High budget: Buy some theatre tickets for both of you for a night out in the near future.
  • Mid-range: Gift certificate for their favourite restaurant.
  • Low-budget: Try a card or board game that they don’t own, with the promise that you will come over to play.

Technology gifts:

  • High budget: If your senior loved one can’t get online, or needs upgraded computer equipment, brighten their day and help them connect with a new computer or tablet.
  • Mid-range: For the senior that loves to read, try an eReader or Kindle.
  • Low-budget: iTunes or Kindle gift certificates to buy more books with.

What’s the best gift idea you’ve ever had for a senior loved one?