Speaking to Your Family About Senior Care This Holiday Season

senior homecare victoriaThe holiday season is a wonderful time when the whole family tries to get together, which we may not be able to do often enough. However with this togetherness comes the difficult conversations that we sometimes need to have with our family – particularly if there is an ageing parent. Seeing our elderly parents infrequently can lead to a surprise and shock when their condition has changed since last holiday season, and the time comes to speak to your siblings about senior care arrangements.

First of all, seek to understand everyone’s point of view. This can be a particularly stressful and even upsetting conversation for some family members, not least your parent. Don’t jump into the logistics of senior care until you have shown your family that you appreciate everyone’s point of view.

Discuss the options with an open mind. Others may have opposing views or other ideas that you may not have thought of or may have disregarded for a particular reason, but try not to bring any bias to the conversation or make a decision before discussing.

In any way that you are able to, offer to help. Often the family members who live nearest fear that they will bear the brunt of the caregiving duties, so show that you each can contribute in your own ways to avoid flares.

And lastly, seek professional guidance. Even an impartial third party observer can help to guide the discussion and make the right decision, knowing all of the options available.