A Healthy 2016: Start In The Kitchen

healthy kitchenJanuary is an excellent time to reinvigorate your Get Healthy efforts. Thanks to the cultural popularity of new year’s resolutions, it seems that everyone around us is competing to be healthy, offering the peer support that is vital to success. Additionally, winter is tough on the immune system – especially as we age – and so a necessary time to take very good care of ourselves.

Research shows that habit change is most successful when we make small, gradual changes. So instead of going crazy changing everything, let’s take small steps. After all, health is a lifelong commitment, not just for January. So this week, start by doing one thing: start in the kitchen.

If you are surrounded by good choices, the only option will be to make a good choice. So do the spring cleaning early this year, and clear out the kitchen. Clear the cupboards of ‘bad’ foods, clean out anything that’s been in the fridge for too long, and check dates in the freezer. Now you should have some spare room to fill your kitchen back up again with ‘good’ foods.

Place a fruit bowl on the counter and resolve to keep it full – and to never let anything go rotten in it! Get the water filter out and resolve to drink at least it’s capacity each day. Fill the fridge drawers with vegetables, and fill the freezer with healthier freezer meals for emergencies. Make a healthy meal plan for the week so you’re organised.

Now you’ve changed one thing, and the only thing left to do is to stick with it for the next 45 days – research shows that’s how long it takes to form a habit.