A Healthy 2016: Get Moving

yoga-1146277_1280Last week, we started a series called A Healthy 2016. We started first with the kitchen, because you are what you eat! It’s important to change habits gradually, so our brains have time to keep up. So if you have made steady improvements in the kitchen and your eating habits, it’s time to progress, and start moving your body.

There would be no point telling you what exercise you need to do and how long you need to do it for – every body is different, and you will know what level you are currently at. The fact is, the best exercise for you is the one that you enjoy and can commit to performing for at least 30 minutes every day. For some of us, one exercise alone gets dull and we need to mix it up with different sports, workouts, and gym classes. For others, routine is bliss and a daily walk or yoga practice will satisfy. The point is only that you commit to moving your body every day.

January can be the hardest time to start a new exercise regime due to the poor weather and short days, so try to go with something that you can perform indoors, or even in your own house if it gets that bad outside. YouTube is an endless supply of yoga, aerobics, and body weight exercises that require no equipment or monthly fee. If you are going to use the outdoors as your playground, make the commitment to yourself and invest in the right gear.

If you have an injury, illness, or have not been performing exercise regularly, speak to your doctor before starting a new regime. And remember that even though it is cold, you can still get dehydrated, so drink plenty of water.

Happy Moving!