A Healthy 2016: Invigorate the Mind

senior homecareThis year, we’re getting off to a healthy start with our A Healthy 2016 blog series. First we started in the kitchen, and last week we got moving the body. We are intentionally introducing new habits slowly, so we have time to let them sink in – and not overload the system with changes. So now that we’re eating better and incorporating exercise into our routines, it’s time to work the brain, too.

Have you ever wanted to learn a new language? Is there a pile of novels on your bookshelf that you keep intending to read? Do you hang on to the weekly crossword, planning to get around to it before the next one comes out?

Studies show that exercising our brain is as important and beneficial as working out our muscles. By keeping the brain invigorated and challenged, studies suggest that you can even slow cognitive degeneration and dementia. Not only that, but by challenging your mind you will begin to enjoy higher levels of focus, creativity, and sleep better.

The good news is that there is no prescribed ‘best way’ to invigorate your mind. If you enjoy reading, dedicate yourself to reading a certain number of chapters every week. If you enjoy puzzles, find some apps for your tablet and set aside some time for them. If you want to learn new things, try open courses available at your local university or college. Whatever it is, take the same approach as you would to fitness: set goals and schedule time in your daily routine for it.