A Healthy 2016: Make a Plan

campfire-984020_1280The last post in our Healthy 2016 series is all about looking forward to the year ahead – time to make a plan! Studies show that having something to look forward to in the calendar is incredibly motivating, whether you are bored at your desk job, struggling to improve your fitness, or a lonely senior living at home. Knowing that there is something great coming up like a holiday, a race, or a family gathering, will give you that desire to succeed, and also even make you feel happier just thinking about how happy that event will be. This is why December is a great time of year: we spend the majority of the month preparing for what is for many families the most exciting day of the year, swiftly followed a week later by the best party of the year. Unfortunately, when we hit January it is usually a long wait before anything exciting brings the whole family together again, and we fall into the slump of winter blues.

So this year, don’t wait for Christmas – plan something you would like to do, and make that plan a commitment. Whether it’s a vacation to Mexico, the Victoria Marathon, or a big family reunion, make that dream a reality. Book the tickets, register for the race, or send out the invitations.

If that’s too big, or you can’t wait until September, take smaller actions. Ask a friend to go a movie with you this weekend, or book a massage for next week. Knowing that you are scheduling time for your own happiness and relaxation affirms your commitment to yourself and your health – and that’s important!