Spring has Sprung – Time to Get Outside!

gerbera-1261380_1280This week, Spring has finally arrived. The days are getting longer, the temperatures are slowly rising, and the flowers are promising to bloom. It’s the perfect time to dig out your walking shoes and head outside!

Here are five reasons getting outside is good for you:

  • Nature is good for brain function. Studies have shown that simply spending time outside can boost creativity, as well as focus. Even just a walk through the park promises to aid your brain in your daily tasks.
  • Green makes us happy. There is something so utterly relaxing about nature – and it’s not just us, it’s science. Nature has been shown to reduce stress and promote a positive mood. Need we say more?
  • The outdoors are the best gym. There is no membership, it’s always open, and it’s literally on your doorstep. Whether you walk, run, or perform yoga in your backyard, try using the great outdoors as your gym.
  • Get your Vitamin D. We need Vitamin D for to promote bone growth, reduce inflammation, and aid neuromuscular and immune function. Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to get enough Vitamin D from food sources, so getting outside is the best source.
  • The outdoors help us age well. Studies have shown that going outside on a regular basis has a significant impact on staying healthy, longer, in older adults. Other research has even shown that gardening can support dementia patients and stroke victims with social skills as well as mobility.

So whether you take a walk or find a park bench to sit on and take it all in, try getting outside this week!