Cultural Outings: Spring is Here!

spring outings seniorsCultural outings are great for seniors and caregivers. It gets us both out of the house, out of routine, and enjoying something together. Of course, seniors living with disabilities or dementia are sometimes limited – but by no means restricted – to activities. If you’ve been cooped up all winter, it’s time to schedule a few hours of fun. Here are some of our favourite Spring activities for seniors:

  • Visit some gardens: Vancouver Island is full of them. Whether it’s the Botanics, or somewhere near your home, gardens are a great place to relax and enjoy. As an added bonus, nature is a proven healer and mood-lifter.
  • Go for coffee (or tea): Finding a nice place to sit in the sunshine and drink a mug of something nice is one of life’s pleasures. You may have coffee at home, but there’s something different about putting your shoes on, grabbing your purse, and going somewhere nice with other people every now and then.
  • See what’s on at the Farmer’s Market: Try to go early before it’s too busy. Farmer’s Markets are a lively place filled with community – a great place to visit and chat.
  • Get theatre tickets. Check out what’s on at the local theatre and plan a night (or afternoon) out to catch a performance. It’s a great excuse to dress up a bit and enjoy some culture.

If your senior loved one suffers from dementia, choosing times and places that are not overly crowded or overwhelming is always best. If s/he has an injury or disability, ensure that the place will cater – although most places do these days.