Healthy Food: Top 5 Foods That Are Heart Healthy

heart health for seniorsWith heart disease a leading cause of death in Canada, we’re all acutely aware that we need to take good care of our ticker. We know we need to exercise, but diet  and eating healthy food also plays a significant role in maintaining good heart health. While health experts are constantly reminding us which foods to avoid, we thought you might like to hear a few that you can eat. Bon appetit!

  1. Salmon – poached, smoked, baked, or rolled up in sushi, one of BC’s favourites!
  2. Olive oil – there’s a lot of confusion about which fats are good and which ones are bad, but all of the experts agree that olive oil every day is actually good for you. Just make sure it isn’t fried!
  3. Spinach – spinach is a great leaf because it can go in almost everything. Have it fresh as a side salad, or wilt it into any cooked dishes like stir fries or pasta.
  4. Nuts – as long as you’re eating the raw form (ie not salted or with added oils in nut butter [check the label carefully]), nuts are a great snack, in moderation.
  5. Dark chocolate – yes, that’s right, you can have chocolate! Just check the label, aiming for at least 75% cocoa.