Summer Heat: Keeping Seniors Safe

senior summer safetySummer is officially here, and while we’re running through our checklists for Canada Day BBQs and maybe even stowing away our long pants in favour of shorts for the next few months, we’re also making sure that our senior loved ones are comfortable in the warmer weather. Heat can seriously affect elderly persons through heat exhaustion or even heat stroke, so it’s important that we are mindful of them when the forecast calls for hot days. Use the following advice for a summer of fun with your senior loved one:

  • Have the air conditioning serviced early in the season to prevent breakdowns.
  • Always have water available, including bottled water in the house. If you are going out anywhere, bring plenty of water.
  • Use a sun umbrella outside to avoid direct sunlight and heat exhaustion.
  • Avoid the hottest hours of the day when going out.
  • Ensure that the house is equipped with fans in the event of the air conditioning breaking down.
  • Exercise in an air-conditioned facility or the swimming pool.
  • Avoid caffeine and alcohol on extremely hot days.
  • If you don’t live near your senior loved one, ensure that there is someone capable of checking in on them if the forecast calls for extreme heat.

From all of us at Serenity, have a fantastic Canada Day weekend!