Activities for Seniors with Disabilities

senior disabilityInjuries and the declining physical ability of seniors is of particular concern due to the negative impact on a senior adult’s participation in activities they have always loved. Enjoying hobbies is incredibly important to independent adults, and seniors gain so much from regular participation in a meaningful activity that is actually measurable in terms of mental and physical health. So it’s important to understand that decreased physical ability should not mean the end of hobbies – there are, in fact, many activities tailored to seniors with reduced physicality that are safe even with injuries and disabilities.

  • Art – Art, in all of its forms, is therapeutic. Whether your senior loved one enjoys music, painting, crafts, or something else, art is a great way to nourish the mind.
  • Games – Card and board games are great because they not only keep the mind active, but generally require other players and therefore maintain a social connection.
  • Reading – It may appear to be a solitary and sedentary activity, but reading can literally open new worlds and is incredibly important to many senior adults. If vision becomes a problem, try using tablets where the font size can be increased. Many popular authors now even publish audiobooks.
  • Exercise – A disability does not mean the end of physical activity, and exercise is incredibly important to maintaining physical and mental wellbeing. Finding exercises that will work with your senior loved one’s injuries may be easy, but if not try seeking the advice of an occupational therapist or even a yoga instructor who can find some gentle workouts.
  • Outside – Going outside is important to humans in an almost primitive level. A wheelchair-bound senior may spend less time outdoors because of the hassle required to get there, but if someone is able to help them, the hassle is well worth it. Whether they are able to join you for walks or are happy to simply sit on a patio with a book, make sure your loved one gets outside.