The Benefits of Aquatic Exercise for Seniors

seniors aquatic exercise benefitsWith the heat of July in full swing and kids off school, the swimming pool schedules are filled with activities for both the young and old. The benefits of exercising in the water are felt at all ages, but did you know that for seniors the benefits go far beyond the obvious health benefits?

The Benefits of Aquatic Exercise for Seniors:

  • Cardiovascular exercise – of any kind – improves heart health, contributes to weight loss, and improves aerobic capacity.
  • The buoyancy of water lessens the impact on joints, making it possible for ageing seniors and people with injuries to jump around and work muscle groups without harming joints.
  • Working in the water is great for improving balance. With falls as one of the most serious threats to senior health, maintaining good balance and coordination is incredibly important.
  • Aquatic exercise classes are a great social environment, giving your senior a loved one a reason to get out of the house and spend time with friends – a great boost to mental health and wellness.

Want to try aquatic exercise? Check with your doctor first, and then check your local pool schedule!