Helping Seniors Stay Hydrated in the Summer Heat

Stawatermelon-815072_1280ying hydrated when the summer heat arrives is a concern to all of us, especially our senior loved ones. When our bodies sweat, we lose hydration, and the increased temperature can lead to cramps, heat exhaustion, and in extreme circumstances, heat stroke. As seniors are more susceptible to these risks, and put at greater danger by becoming ill, it is of high importance to ensure your senior loved ones stay hydrated this summer.

Because many seniors don’t enjoy drinking water, we’ve come up with some alternative ideas for staying hydrated without drinking multiple glasses of water every day:

  • Try water flavours from your local grocery store
  • Squeeze fresh juice such as lemonade or orange juice
  • Make popsicles in the freezer with fresh fruit
  • Eat salads, particularly with crunchy vegetables, which are full of water
  • Cut up watermelon slices

What are some of your favourite ways to stay hydrated on hot days?