Want Health in Old Age? Drink More Green Tea

green tea senior healthIt seems like over the last decade, we’ve heard nothing but how good green tea is for us. But it seems that the real benefits we get from green tea are found in old age – and we’ll drink to that!

Numerous studies have discovered that seniors who drink green tea every day stay more agile and independent in their older years than their peers. Furthermore, green tea drinkers have better bone density, lower cholesterol, and even lower incidence of cancer. Now, that’s powerful stuff!

Experts recommend up to three cups of green tea per day to reap the rewards. Not a fan of the flavour? Try a green tea blend with lemon or mint, or even try stirring in some honey. Not a tea drinker? Most drug stores carry green tea supplements, so you can get all of these benefits in a simple pill. Cheers!